Peace Memorial Park is Wigston's War Memorial.  Following public subscription after the Great War, the Park was founded in 1921 and since that time has changed and evolved, eventually becoming the welcoming and peaceful green space we have today, much loved and used by the local community.  A success reflected in the achievement of Green Flag status each year since 2007.


Images of Peace Memorial Park
  • The Sensory/Memorial Garden

    This quiet corner of the Park contains raised beds with scented and tactile plants, along with a small rill with five bubbling fountains.  The main purpose of this garden is to enhance the enjoyment of the Park for those with sight problems.  There are metal plaques on the wooden surround describing the plants therein,  in written English as well as Braille.  There are also several memorial benches within this area.

  • The Time Plate

    At the junction of Chapel Lane with Long Lane, if you look beneath your feet, you will see the time plate, indicating that you are standing in the most ancient part of Wigston.   The text on the plate reads:
    “You are now standing in the geographical centre of medieval Wigston Magna.
    Wigston dates at least to the 6th century, when it was probably occupied by the invading Angles.  The rectangle of roads would have been lined with village buildings, enclosing a farmed open space.   The ditches and banks visible along the lanes may represent the boundaries of ancient fields;  thus the allotments behind you have remained under cultivation by local people for 1500 years.”

  • The Oak Sculpture

    Affectionately referred to as "the Totem Pole", this solid oak sculpture was the result of collaboration between a local youth club and a wood sculptor from Rutland.  The youngsters were given the history of the Park and its association with the Great War and asked to come up with a design.  The result is this superb work of art which starts off at its base with twisted barbed wire, the word "Peace", and poppies before finally evolving into flying doves. It is situated on the left just inside the main entrance.

Welcome to Peace Memorial Park